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FEB 14, 2024

February 14, 20243246 W Desert Inn Rd,Las Vegas, NV 89102


We are honored to host a prestigious event that pays tribute to the ingenuity of groundbreaking products and the exceptional contributions of individuals in the Counter Culture sphere.

The Counter Culture Award Series, sponsored in part by Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers, Drip Drop Distro, CHAMPS Trade Shows, Hush Kratom, Waka, and many more, proudly presents an exclusive event celebrating the luminaries of the Counter Culture space. This event honors not only individuals and communities but also innovative products and retailers who have significantly impacted and shaped the Counter Culture industry. Highlighting this grand occasion, we introduce the prestigious CCA Championship Ring, an emblem of excellence, to be awarded annually at the Counter Culture Awards in Las Vegas, NV. This recognition serves to spotlight groundbreaking achievements and contributions that have revolutionized our industry, fostering growth and creating opportunities for others. Join us in this illustrious celebration of those who are defining the future of Counter Culture.


We are thrilled to announce the prestigious Counter Culture Awards, a celebration of extraordinary innovation and unwavering dedication within the industry. 


Product awards


Individual awards

This esteemed event shines a spotlight on both remarkable individuals and groundbreaking products. Do you believe your product or know an individual who embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication? We warmly invite you to participate in this celebration of excellence by nominating a deserving product or individual in the categories listed below. Your involvement is crucial in recognizing and honoring the best in our vibrant Counter Cultural community.

Individual Award Categories

The individual awards recognize an individual for their innovation, services, Impact, and/or performance, the categories for nominations can be presented as follows:

  • Best Influencer Award: Honoring the most impactful influencer in the Counter Culture industry.

  • Best East Coast Store: Celebrating the top-performing store on the East Coast.

  • Best West Coast Store: Recognizing the leading store on the West Coast.

  • Best Central U.S. Store: Recognizing the leading store on the West Coast.
  • Hall of Fame Induction: A prestigious acknowledgment of lifetime achievements in the industry.

Product Award Categories

The individual awards recognize a Product for its innovation, innovation, Impact, and/or performance, the categories for nominations can be presented as follows:

  • BEST Consumable: Kratom, Kava, Mushrooms, Cannabis (flower, extract), Cannabinoids, Organics, Nootropics, Nicotine (shots, gummies, raw caps, powders, extracts, strips, solubles, vape)

  • BEST Usable: Glass (water, dry, rigs), Tray, Stash, Poker, Scale, Grinder,  Cleaners, Vapes (510, dry herb, e-rig), Nicotine (device, tank, pod), Hookah, Papers/Cones, Wraps

  • Best New Product Award: Recognizing the most outstanding new product introduced in the Counter Culture industry.

  • Most Innovative Product Award: Celebrating a product that stands out for its creativity and innovation within the industry.

WHY CCA: Experience an Unforgettable

Evening of Celebration and Music

The CCA's is an annual, international flagship awards competition honoring brands, individuals and organizations.

Join us for an extraordinary night where history comes alive! Be a part of the prestigious Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where we honor legends with ceremonial ring presentations. This is your chance to witness greatness being celebrated.

But that's not all. The evening will crescendo with an electrifying live concert by the renowned Kings of the West Coast. Feel the energy as they take the stage and deliver a performance that promises to be talked about for years to come.



As a valued attendee of the Champs Convention, we are delighted to extend a special invitation to you. Present your Champs Convention badge and gain complimentary access to this gala event. Your admission includes a seat at the ceremony and concert and an all-inclusive food and beverage experience. Indulge in our open bar and a wide array of culinary delights, all on us.